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Fifty Grades of A

by i ɛl dʒemz

A handsome linguistics professor draws num­erous innocent young women into his class by promising them a wealth of high grades, plus lots of Language and Gender. Then he spends months torturing them with Government and Binding.

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“C-Command and Subjacency turned out to be a lot  
less interesting than I’d expected.”
—Marquis de S.

“Even more painful than Critique of Pure Reason.
—Willard Q.

“Non-interesting. Recursively.”
—Avram C.

“I sent my kids and husband to the mall for nothing.”
—Anonymous reviewer  
Suburban Housewife Magazine  

“And by the way, there’s no such thing as a  
handsome linguistics professor.”
—The Sisters of Alpha Beta Sorority  

(Not available on Kindle. Even Amazon has standards.) 

I’d Like to Buy a VowelTrey Jones
IPAlindromes IMary Shapiro
SpecGram Vol CLXV, No 1 Contents