Babel Vol I, No 1 Contents Letters to the Editor

“En arche en ho logos.”

Volume I Number 1
March 1990

Babel is a publication of the Worldwide Linguistic Society, which is entirely devoid of responsibility for its content. Copies are available from distribution agents around the world. For more information about Babel, write to the Editor-in-Chief, Tim Pulju, at this address: Dept. of Linguistics and Semiotics; Rice University; P.O. Box 1892; Houston, TX 77251.

Babel actively encourages submissions on any linguistic or quasi-linguistic topic. Submissions (which need not be articlespoems, cartoons, etc, are acceptable) should be short (preferably one page, at most no more than three) and brilliantly insightful. We adhere to no theoretical or atheoretical bias, since we are only interested in the general advancement of the frontiers of linguistic knowledge. Upon examining the proofs of the first issue, some readers remarked that our articles all seemed to be humorous in nature; indeed, that the entire journal seemed to be a parody of a real linguistic journal. We were of course shocked by this utter misunderstanding of our purposes, and we will continue to publish works of exactly the same level of seriousness as exemplified by the current offerings. Submissions displaying a significantly different level of seriousness are unlikely to be accepted.

And now, a note on rhetorical style. For the past thirty years or so, linguistics has been marked by a certain level of viciousness in various linguists’ attacks upon their colleagues and their colleagues’ theories. We at Babel abhor this style of discourse and hope to keep it from contaminating our pages. Occasional exceptions may be made, however. We don’t mind authors who savagely attack themselves, their friends, or hypothetical individuals. And we actively encourage unfair criticism of the Editor-in-Chief. Bear in mind, however, that he who attacks makes himself a legitimate target for similar invective. As a final note, we should say that we don’t mind gentle ribbing of a humorous nature, provided no one could take it seriously and be offended.

Articles written in languages other than English are fine. You may wish to submit under an assumed name; if you do, Babel would still like to know the author’s real name, for our records. Do not bother including university affiliations by your name; just city, state if in the USA, and country. All submissions, along with other communications concerning Babel, should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at the address given above.

[SpecGram editor’s note: Though Babel is no longer accepting submissions, submissions which would have been appropriate for Babel are also appropriate for Speculative Grammarian, and are welcome. See our submissions page for more details.]

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