Masyu Ortograpiu II—Linguistic Boogaloo—Trey Jones SpecGram Vol CLIII, No 3 Contents

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NEED DATA TO SUPPORT YOUR THEORY? We represent almost a dozen little-known, dying languages, each with five or fewer elderly speakers left. These native speaker groups have each come to terms with the fact that their language is going to disappear, and they want to cash out. These speakers will incorporate any desired phenomena into their language, and then allow you to make audio and video recordings. After a few years, the speakers will be gone, and your “data” will be unassailable. Serious inquiries only to PO Box αβγ, Newton Falls, OH, 44444.

MASTER’S PROGRAM IN EXOLINGUISTICS. Put your language universals to work! Learn to communicate with extraterrestrials. Robert Anson Heinlein College of Arts and Sciences, affiliated with JPL at NASA. After a two-year sequence of basic courses, JPL will send you into outer space. Linguistics background plus familiarity with contents of Voyager I and II and/or Pioneer 10 and 11 essential. Tuition reasonable; outer space fee, roughly $60,000, payable before admission to the launch pad. Write Box 666, JHSC, Wigham, Vermont, 10010.

MODAL STAKING. Recent research in alternative linguistics proves that modal stacking (as in “might could”) is caused by vampiric ecto-lingua-plasmic entities attached to and creating a neuro-ethereo-electric short between the larynx and Wernicke’s area. Thus not only is modal stacking grammatically aberrant, it is also karmically unsound. Our highly trained parasite slayers will drive a semanto-syntactic stakemade mostly of wittily whittled eldritch elm and eerily enunciated wounded wordsthrough the haunted heart of the parasitic pest. Satisfaction guaranteed. Serious inquiries only. Call 512 666 1313ask for either Blagrathion the Magnificent or Sue.

SEEKING CRYPTO-LINGUISTS. We are a secretive government agency (we cannot say which agency or even which government) looking for top-notch computational linguists with no personal ties and experience in cryptology, code-breaking, and dead languages. Well-qualified candidates should be able to contact us at the address below:

90839088 858784 73908488 65788778737888 8374829088 6578729088. 8384659088 858487899088. 7890837684 86908473 7883727873748774.

Inexplicable data? Problem tokens? Out of ideas without anyone to turn to? Look no further!
Zero morphemes turn an implausible analysis into an impressive analysis! We are overstocked and WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!!! Get the last 2007 models HALF PRICE: ZERO DOWN, ZERO APR!!! Our zero morphemes are top quality GUARANTEED, and cover all the major morphological categories: tense, aspect, number, case, agreementpolypersonal?! You bet! YOU NAME IT WE HAVE IT!!! Plus, if you order now, we will throw in a DEFLATOR MORPHEME absolutely FREE*! Russian genitives? Not a problem! Watch as you add your new deflator morpheme to the citation form of /kniga/ and produce /knig/SUBTRACTION BY ADDITION! Operators are standing by!
ORDER NOW!!! (800) MLK-IT-NW!!!

WANTED: INTERN. Inexperienced? Fresh out of school? Need gainful employment? Not ready for “Would you like fries with that?” Want to add sparkle to your resume while earning nearly minimum wage? Come work for Speculative Grammarian as an under-paid, under-appreciated intern. You will gain unique and valuable insight into linguistics, journalism, publishing, and the beverage preferences of high-powered editors! Must be able to take coffee orders in six or more languages! Call 115-511-2121 and ask for Butch.

/U/ > [mi] / [this]_[saturday]? Fun, flirty, female linguist seeks linguist [+masc, +straight] for weekend fun and more. The optimal candidate ranks FAITH: SHOWER ahead of *EFFORT, and can easily distinguish V[+high, -back, -front, -round] from V[+high, +back, -round]. Must enjoy hot pockets, cats and sleepless nights. S people need not inquire. E-mail

WANTED: LINGUIST Wealthy family seeks linguist to correct recalcitrant daughter’s speech. Insists on producing atrocities such as “ain’t” and “like” and “gonna”. Unacceptable. Daughter must be made to speak fluent English. Pays $500/hour plus expenses, plus $10,000 once fluency is achieved. Send résumés to Chadwick House, East Egg, New York, NY.

Masyu Ortograpiu II—Linguistic Boogaloo—Trey Jones
SpecGram Vol CLIII, No 3 Contents