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Class Action Settlement Reached
Thorkell Leifsson vs. SpecGram

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against Speculative Grammarian on behalf of individuals who purchased, during the period from 14 January 954 to 14 August 1003, subscriptions and other SpecGram services, for use in the Territories including but not limited to: Iceland; Greenland; occupied (or depopulated) coastal Ireland; and those North Atlantic fishing grounds solely or jointly cultivated and exploited by Arnarson Fisheries Industries, Ltd., as registered at Bodø on 1 April 997.

According to the terms of this settlement, qualified persons or their documented descendants can claim cash vouchers amounting to the precise equivalent value (in FY 1003 Kröner) of any qualified payments which were received by SpecGram or its representative merchant offices during the period covered by this settlement.

Under the terms of this settlement, SpecGram and its designated representatives admit, and apologize for, improper redirection of subscriber payments away from the subscription services handling department, as well as improper use of water from Þingvallavatn lake.

To claim a voucher, evidence of qualified payment must be submitted to the SpecGram Class Action Settlement Disbursal Center, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Claims must be filed prior to 31 July 2009 to be included in this class action settlement.

Please note that nothing in this settlement shall be construed as representation, either by SpecGram or any of its employees, on behalf of the journal or its historic employees, to make any admission or statement relevant to the entirely separate pending lawsuit Brynjólfur Sveinsson vs. SpecGram. That suit hinges on entirely unrelated issues, about which no comment shall be made at this time.

Letters to the Editor
From the Department of Cheap Research: Easy Money—Woody Ellen
SpecGram Vol CLIV, No 1 Contents