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Minomalism Rules!

Presented by the Psammeticus Press Free Linguistic Ramblings Series

Hot from the ComPress: the Rules of Minomes [Minomes: Minimal Nominal Memos [Memos: Memes of the Moment]] have [yet] been found to be [yet] compressible, in the [still [still: rooted to the node, viz. CP [CP: core paresis]]] thoroughly self-circular, self-replicating and self-back-scratching fashion [fashion: see memos]. The latest breakthrough is as follows:

α → ∅, as needed, and
∅ → α, as needed, and so on, where

α = anything, i.e. 1, α2, ... αn], in the domain ∅, and ∅ = anything else, i.e. [∅i, ∅ii, ... ∅α-√x], and so on, where ∞ = n, n ≠ α, ∅{y}, y is unphased down the tree, and x licenses Stutter up the tree [Stutter: novel construct binding together comp-complementizer, c-command, and ip-ip-array].

Cathartic Grecian MaxomesAnne Thrax
Parting ShotMore FoamSpecGram Morphomista Rebels
SpecGram Vol CLX, No 1 Contents