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Psammeticus Press

An Introduction to Cagian Linguistics
by the Phluxist Philologers (including one or more of Trey Jones, Keith Slater, Tim Pulju, Bill Spruiell, Madalena Cruz-Ferreira, David J. Peterson, Jouni Maho, Daniela Müller, Butch McBastard, Jonathan van der Meer, Pablo Palabras, Hermes Trismegistus, Ælfgar λ. Garcia, Claude Searsplainpockets, Dawn B. Seely, H. Sanderson Chambers III, Bjorn-Bob Weaselflinger, Athanasious Schadenpoodle, H.D. Onesimus, Phineas Q. Phlogiston, Quentin P. Snodgrass, and/or Johannes Damascenus nach Campenhausen, with additional, optional material provided by one or more of George Maciunas, Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Dick Higgins, and/or Nam June Paik)

Originally Published 1932-2011. Spiral bound, 57-943 pages. 491st edition or higher. Price: $49.99-$239.99

With the run-away success of their earlier collective work, titled variously “An Introduction to Cagian Linguistics”, “In Consideration of Post3 Post-Modern Philology”, and “A Prolegomenon to Indeterminate Phonology and Phonetics”, among many other titles, the so-called Phluxist Philologers have put together this omnibus volume that collects some, several, a few, many, or all of the important papers in Fluxist Linguistics, together spanning almost a century.

In keeping with the most important principles of the philosophy of Cagian Linguistics, each copy of this volume is generated by chance. At the time you place your order for your unique numbered edition, between seven and thirty articles by the Phounding Phluxist Philologers will be randomly selected, and their pages shuffled and randomly oriented. The ensemble is then spiral bound by hand, machine, a child laborer, or a trained monkey. The price, which you are contractually obligated to pay before your order is finalized, is randomly determined by consulting the I Chinggiving you either a stupendous bargain or a lavishly-priced limited collector’s edition. The cover of your book will be constructed, Eternal-Networkstyle, from random bits of whatever we have lying around and/or have recently received back from our distributors as overstock.

Do You Speak English XS?Advertisement
Dr. S. Morgenstern’s Amazing Frog FoodLecture Announcement from Dr. S. Morgenstern
SpecGram Vol CLXII, No 3 Contents