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An Anthology of Linguistic Humor

T. Ernst & E. Smith, Editors

Indiana University

Originally reproduced by the
Indiana University Linguistics Club
310, Lindley Hall
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

June, 1978

Reproduced on the SpecGram website by
permission of the editors and the original publisher.


Academia Nuts
  The Linguist’s Self-Definer for Humanistic Greek and Latin Lingo—and other terms—Robert Rankin, et al.
  Autodescriptives—Leonard Talmy
  Recent Advances in Linguistics—Metalleus
  Important Idioms in Contemporary Science—Metalleus
  Another Horrifying Cliché—Evan Smith
  Another Great Moment in Linguistick Historie—Evan Smith
  Ph.D. Qualifying Examination for Linguists—Keith Mountford
  Dates in the Month of May that Are of Interest to Linguists—James D. McCawley

All Booked Up, or Joie de Livre
  Agronomic Representation of Muddles in Linguistic Theory—Peter Cannings
  New Works In Linguistics Press Catalog for Winter 1974—Elan Dresher
  To Deify Roman Jakobson, Volume XXV—Bruno Dončikov and I. M. Slon

From Bad to Verse
  Stepfather Goose or Just Take a Gander—U No Hu
  Language’s Revenge—Terence G. MacNamee
  When I Heard the Learn’d Syntactician—W. Kruck
  The Anguish Lenglage II—Tom Ernst

Syntactic Strictures
  Asterisk-Insertion—Michael M. T. Henderson
  On Some Acoustic Correlates of Isoglossy—Robert L. Rankin
  Linguistic Contributions To The Formal Theory Of Big-Game Hunting—R. Mathiesen
  On Revising And Extending Wh-Movement—D. Terence Nuclear
  Metalinguistic Autoreference—Benoît de Cornulier
  Ambiguity In Action: A Bawdy Count—Norman C. Stageberg
  Linguistics: A Study in Hopeless Clauses—Metalleus
  Morpheme Addiction—Susan Wishnetsky

A Survey of Neighboring Disciplines: Gastronomy, Music, and Journalism
  Current Issues in Gastronomy—Elan Dresher and Norbert Hornstein
  Linguistic Influences In Recent Research On Music—James D. McCawley
  Word-TV—Tom Ernst
  Doer’s Profile—Evan Smith

Deriver’s Ed
  On the Go ~ Went Alternation: A Contribution (?) to the Generative Phonology of English—Bernard Comrie
  Note on the peH3 Root in French—Andrée Borillo, et al.
  A Strange Datum From Deep Onomastic Space—Fom Pop
  The Derivation of ‘Moses’ from ‘Middletown’—Metalleus

Of Labs and Lobes
  Etymology and Definitions—Joseph P. Stemberger
  Empty Speech: The Non-Certifiably Brain-Damaged—Loraine Obler
  Bilingualism in Rats: A Ten-Year Study—Loraine Obler
  Conversation as Paranoia—Hugo Aelgh
  Natural Phonological Processes in Adult and Child Speech—David Ingram

  An Iñupik Linguistic Fragment (or, the Last Grammarian)—Metalleus
  The Ten Commandments: Linguistic Universals—Evan Smith
  On Defining the Blaspheme Revisited—Harvey Minkoff

Documents of Historical Interest
  Original Call for Papers—Tom Ernst & Evan Smith

“Space fillers” are by the editors, except after “Big Game Hunting”, by Becky Shaftman.

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